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Re: SGI issues

From: Ronald Swietek
Subject: Re: SGI issues
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 02:22:15 -0800

I wanted to find out if you are having any SGI service or product
issues.  My company, Ostari, has been providing SGI Advance Parts
Exchange/Self-Maintenance Program and some on-site service contracts for
over the past 10 years.  We specialize in helping our SGI customers
solve their support and service issues affordably and quickly.

If these are things that you are currently dealing with, I would like to
talk with you over the phone or by email to find out if Ostari could help you
your SGI related issues.  Please let me know at what number and the best
time to reach you or simply e-mail me back with some specific questions. 

I've placed a link below so you can learn more,


Thank you for your time.


Ronald Swietek
Ostari Inc.
E-mail: <address@hidden>
(760) 591-9900 (v)
(760) 591-9749 (f)

P.S. - If I reached you by mistake or you do not want me to contact you
further, my apologies.  Please reply to this email with the word
"remove" in
the subject line and I will not contact you further.

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