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Re: Translit builtin bug

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Translit builtin bug
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 10:27:59 +0200
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 > Akim Demaille wrote:
 >> > Martin MOKREJŠ wrote:
 >> >> configure.ac:241: warning: gl_CHECK_HEADER_wcar_ is m4_require'd but 
 >> >> isnot m4_defun'd
 >> > comes from gnulib/acm4/regex.m4:
 >> Nope: read better: gl_CHECK_HEADER_wcar_ says m4.  GNU M4 1.4's
 >> translit is buggy.  Use this better GNU M4 1.4 instead:

 > I thought the m4_ prefix is just from autoconf isn't it?

 > What needs to be done to translit to fix the bug?  I don't believe
 > that I have changed the code of the builtin in CVS, so it too may have
 > the same problem :-(

Nope, It's been changed years ago.

2000-01-09  Rene' Seindal  <address@hidden>

        * src/builtin.c (expand_ranges): Added break after trailing dash.
        This caused misbehavious on some systems (found and fixed by Akim
        Demaille <address@hidden>).

Debian GNU M4 1.4 contains several bug fixes.

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