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Re: m4 should check for gnugetopt, gnuregex already present on the syst

From: Mikhail Teterin
Subject: Re: m4 should check for gnugetopt, gnuregex already present on the system
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 12:03:37 -0500
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> However, be aware that there are still known bugs in the glibc
> regex, which are not present in the gnulib version, such as POSIX
> compliance issues on 64-bit platforms, so even then, the gnulib version

The reason I noticed the current redundancy on the FreeBSD port, is the number 
of compiler-warning generated during the compilation of m4's own regex.c on 

The functionality is available on FreeBSD as part of -lgnuregex, which -- at 
the moment -- is built from the following sources: fedora-glibc-2_3_4-21. Are 
you aware of bugs in this version? Regardless of m4, we should fix them here 
-- can you offer links to patches and/or test-cases?

> > Attached is the patch, I'm trying to include into FreeBSD port of m4 --
> > it should help illustrate, what I'm talking about.
> Patching the 1.4 branch of CVS is not worth it at this point, but thanks
> for your efforts anyways.  However, you are free to patch the FreeBSD port
> if you wish; after all, m4 is free software.

The port's new maintainer pretends to hold an opinion, that this issue must be 
addressed by the software's vendor (you), rather than by the port 
(him) :-( We'll see...

Thanks for your time! Yours,


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