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Re: m4 1.4.4 on OS/2

From: Andreas Büning
Subject: Re: m4 1.4.4 on OS/2
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 23:42:26 +0200


Eric Blake schrieb:

> According to Andreas Büning on 5/4/2006 2:39 PM:

> > I've just compiled m4 1.4.4 on OS/2, and I had to modify some Makefile.in
> > files (see patches below).


> Thanks for the report.  Your changes amount to quite a few lines of code,
> would you be willing to sign a copyright disclaimer and mail it to the FSF
> so that I can apply your patch as-is?  If not, I will try to reverse
> engineer what you are attempting based on your description above, and
> apply a similar patch by comparing the branch-1_4 Makefile.in with ones
> created by automake on CVS head, without referencing your patch, so that
> we are not violating copyright assignment limitations.

If you really want I can sign yet another FSF copyright disclaimer
I think I did only some trivial one line changes, basically
s/\.o/\.$(OBJEXT)/g and s/m4/m4$(EXEEXT)/g.

For the install and uninstall targets I got them from the
and uninstall-info-am targets from doc/Makefile.in of the current make
tarball, and I had to change one line. I hope it works on all systems.
I don't know why they do it that complicated.

Best regards,

Andreas Büning

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