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testsuite.dir location

From: Eric Blake
Subject: testsuite.dir location
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 08:16:05 -0600
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Is it intentional that running testsuite outputs testsuite.log and
testsuite.dir in $PWD?  Right now, the top-level m4 Makefile.am does:

# Using `cd' in backquotes may print the directory name, use this instead:
m4__cd          = CDPATH="$${ZSH_VERSION+.}$(PATH_SEPARATOR)" && cd
CD_TESTDIR      = abs_srcdir=`$(m4__cd) $(srcdir) && pwd`; cd tests
TESTSUITE = tests/testsuite

check-local: tests/atconfig $(srcdir)/$(TESTSUITE)
        $(CD_TESTDIR); \
        $(TESTS_ENVIRONMENT) $(SHELL) $$abs_srcdir/$(TESTSUITE) \

but that dumps testsuite.log in the srcdir, which probably doesn't play
nicely if you have a read-only srcdir in a VPATH build (not to mention the
potential bugs in its use of cd if CDPATH gets used).  But if I remove the
$(CD_TESTDIR), then testsuite.log gets dropped in the directory where I
ran make, and I found it odd that because m4 made ./testsuite.log while
autoconf made tests/testsuite.log because of each project's choice of
whether to have recursive Makefiles.

Is it worth adding a flag to testsuite to tell it which directory output
files should be dumped in?  Then I could tell m4's testsuite to create
testsuite.log in the tests subdirectory of the build dir.

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