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Re: m4/bootstrap

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: m4/bootstrap
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 22:55:53 -0700
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According to Bruno Haible on 11/1/2006 1:07 PM:
> Hi Eric,
> When I invoke "./bootstrap -p no" in the savannah m4 CVS (HEAD), I get finally
> ...
> bootstrap: fetching modules for src directory
> bootstrap: copying file `src/getopt_.h'
> bootstrap: copying file `src/getopt.c'
> bootstrap: copying file `src/getopt1.c'
> bootstrap: copying file `src/getopt_int.h'
> bootstrap: copying file `ltdl/m4/getopt.m4'
> bootstrap: copying file `src/version-etc-fsf.c'
> bootstrap: copying file `src/version-etc.h'
> bootstrap: copying file `src/version-etc.c'
> bootstrap: running: AUTOPOINT=true autoreconf --force --verbose --install 
> --no-recursive
> autoreconf: Entering directory `.'
> autoreconf: running: true --force
> autoreconf: running: aclocal --force -I ltdl/m4
> autoreconf: configure.ac: tracing
> autoreconf: configure.ac: not using Libtool
> autoreconf: running: autoconf --force
> configure:5222: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_DISABLE_SHARED
>       If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
>       See the Autoconf documentation.
> configure:5236: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIBTOOL_COMPILER_OPTION
> configure:5262: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_ENABLE_SHARED
> autoreconf: autoconf failed with exit status: 1
> The reason is that I don't have libtool installed, hence libtool.m4 is not
> copied into m4/ltdl/m4/, hence ltdl/m4/debug.m4 is not satisfied.
> Options:
>   - Include libtool.m4 in m4/ltdl/m4/,
>   - Add libtool.m4 to gnulib (and make gnulib-tool into a substitute for
>     libtoolize),
>   - Force the CVS user to have libtool installed with the same --prefix as
>     automake.

Personally, I've been running with bleeding-edge libtool installed at the
same --prefix as autoconf 2.60b, when bootstrapping M4.  When distributing
m4 1.9b (someday it will be stable enough to post a release candidate to
alpha.gnu.org), the distro will be self-contained; so this issue only
affects people bootstrapping from CVS.  I'm not sure whether this is a
libtool limitation, or how best to address it in the m4 bootstrap script.
 Maybe someone else can suggest some ideas?

> What do you think?
> Bruno

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