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Re: Another POSIX incompatibility

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: Another POSIX incompatibility
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 18:03:09 -0600

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Hi Eric!

On 1 Nov 2006, at 07:44, Eric Blake wrote:
I'm thinking that for the head, maybe I
should turn --synclines into an option with an optional argument, so that you can turn synclines off between files as well as on by using -s0 (and
keeping -s as a synonym for -s1).

Is there a practical use for being able to turn off synclines?  More in
keeping with the allow-cli-like-functionality-programatically sub-theme
of m4-2.0 would be to add trace{on,off} inspired synclines{on,off} macros...

And maybe it is time to think about
adding command line options --pushdef, --popdef, and --traceoff (of those, only --pushdef might be a candidate for a short option -p), for even more
inter-file operational capability.

They sound reasonable, but either way we need to make sure we use the
same paradigm for tracing and synclines -- both from the cli and from
any macros we introduce/improve.

It's a pity -d is taken for --debug, since using -d/-u for push/popdef
to parallel -D/-U for define/undefine :-( What does POSIX have to say
about -d?

Head also would support -m and -r
between files (mainly because it was easiest to use the existing deferred argument handling mechanism to achieve this patch, by treating intermixed
files as deferred arguments to option '\1').

If we follow this through properly, we also need a module-unload cli
option: --unload-module with no short option seems okay to me.

And similarly, we should allow -r with no argument to reset the regexp
syntax back to the compiled in default.

I'll wait a few days for feedback and then add them to TODO unless you
disagree with anything?

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