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[sr #105800] Random number generator builtin

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [sr #105800] Random number generator builtin
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:20:20 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, sr #105800 (project m4):

It's too late to add a new feature to the 1.4.x series (which is supposed to
be stable).  Dynamic modules indeed require 2.0 support (well, 1.9x, since
2.0 isn't released yet).  Would you be willing to assign copyright for your
contribution?  Otherwise, I will have to reimplement the suggestion from
scratch rather than relying on your preliminary work (not that I mind, it
just means it will take longer).  Also, in general, it is better to generate
a 'diff -u' style patch, rather than to attach the entire contents of the
changed file; and preferably make the patch against CVS head rather than a
release version, since the file may have changed in CVS since a prior
release.  For that matter, patches are more frequently discussed on the
m4-patches mailing list than on savannah.  Also, any new builtin also
requires documentation and NEWS patches, as well as testsuite additions that
exercise the new builtin.


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