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Re: Working os/2 configuratie

From: Elbert Pol
Subject: Re: Working os/2 configuratie
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 22:49:17 +0200
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Hi Eric,

I attach the check.log it fails :(

I also send all i wrote to you @ Bug-m4 and bug-gnulib

Eric Blake wrote:
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According to Elbert Pol on 4/10/2008 1:19 PM:
| Hi Eric,
| I did a change to the regex.internal.h
| see the diff file.

It looks like __attribute ((regparm (3), stdcall)) is not supported on
your platform, so regex_internal.h does need an edit to not try and use
that optimization (although it can probably done by making the __i386__
test compound rather than adding another level of #ifdef).

| Now it runs the make without a error :P
| and also make install runs ok.

Good to hear. However, without running the testsuite, you may have just
installed a broken m4.

| I attach the make log file and the diff file
| Btw how to know if the m4 is ported ok ?
| Is there a test for it?

'make -k check'

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