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Re: m4-1.4.11 test-strtod.c fails with 5 asserts

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: m4-1.4.11 test-strtod.c fails with 5 asserts
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 14:15:33 -0600
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According to BuraphaLinux Server on 4/16/2008 2:26 AM:
| please cc: me; I am not subscribed.
| I am sending this as the 'make check' output said I should.

Try 'make -k check' to see how the M4-specific tests fare.

| glibc 2.7
| test-strtod.c:667: assertion failed
| test-strtod.c:668: assertion failed
| test-strtod.c:688: assertion failed
| test-strtod.c:717: assertion failed
| test-strtod.c:718: assertion failed
| FAIL: test-strtod
| All other tests pass.

All five of these deal with a bug in parsing "nan()", which is present in
older glibc (but if I understand the glibc bug reports correctly, is fixed
in CVS).  Since m4-1.4.11 was released, strtod.m4 has already been beefed
up to catch other bugs, but I'm not sure if this particular bug is
filtered in strtod.m4 yet.

| How can I determine if this is a test case issue or a real problem?

It only affects m4's format builtin (which is a GNU extension), so you can
probably install m4 anyway.  You can also try 'gl_cv_func_strtod_works=no
./configure' to see if that fixes things on the m4 front (assuming, of
course, that config.log claimed that strtod is working on your platform),
although the fact remains that other clients of strtod will encounter the
same glibc bug.

You may also be interested in trying more recent snapshots; the most
recently posted is at:


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