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Re: FAIL: test-strtod

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: FAIL: test-strtod
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 20:59:42 -0600
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According to Dennis Clarke on 7/30/2008 9:17 AM:
|> Somehow, the test needs to be made more robust; we either need more m4
|> magic to determine if -lm is necessary for fabs, or a gnulib replacement
|> for fabs that works without requiring libm, or a way to rewrite that test
|> to not need fabs.  In the meantime, feel free to manually add -lm to the
|> link line for that particular test program.
| did that ... but don't know what to do with it.

Great - you compiled it.  Now run it.  If test-strtod exits with 0 status
and no error messages, then we've solved the link error.  If it still
complains of any assertion failures, then look at which lines it is
complaining about, and report it both back here and to Sun.  And if you'd
like, I can build another m4 snapshot using today's gnulib patch.

| In reality I need a stable release grade package and 1.5.89a.31-d9538d
| is not it. I'll go back to looking at m4-1.4.11 and see what there is
| that I can do to get it to pass its testsuite on Solaris 10.  Perhaps
| gl_cv_func_strtod_works=no is the only way to go.
| Which feels like a hack somehow.

What's wrong with working around the configure bug?  You're not even
hacking m4 itself, just the associated gnulib code that tries to
stress-test gnulib replacement functions for platforms that need them.
Also, you may be interested in running 'make -k check' to see whether the
rest of the testsuite, beyond the gnulib tests, passes (and depending on
whether you get a working C99 compiler environment, whether or not you
skip test-strtod, you might also see the checks/157.format test fail).
Since the only use of strtod(3) in m4 is parsing arguments to the format
builtin, which itself is a GNU extension, you won't be compromising
anything, even if you install m4 without figuring out how to hack around
the bugs in the m4 1.4.11 tarball in relation to strtod handling.

| Maybe I need to think about this and see what the *real* issue is with
| libc and then see if that can be fixed. Not a small task.

Until you run test-strtod, as compiled with -lm and a C99 compiler, we
don't know whether there really is a C99 bug, or just a testsuite bug.
But more than likely, it is just a testsuite bug, and by reporting it, we
have already fixed it for the next m4 release.

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