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Re: lib/regex_internal.h on 1.4.11

From: Jonathan C. Patschke
Subject: Re: lib/regex_internal.h on 1.4.11
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 11:49:06 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 31 Jul 2008, Bruno Haible wrote:

test-frexp.c:103: assertion failed
sh[9]: 15807 Abort(coredump)
FAIL: test-frexp
test-frexpl.c:114: assertion failed
sh[9]: 15824 Abort(coredump)
FAIL: test-frexpl
test-signbit.c:55: assertion failed
sh[9]: 16478 Abort(coredump)
FAIL: test-signbit
test-strtod.c:314: assertion failed
test-strtod.c:409: assertion failed
test-strtod.c:903: assertion failed
FAIL: test-strtod

This compiler apparently has problems with negative zero literals. You can
try a workaround: change literals -0.0 into -zero
  static double zero = 0.0;
If the tests work with this change, it would be clear that the problem is
with the compiler and not with the library functions.

That fixes the problem in test-frexp and test-strtod, but not test-frexpl
(which still fails the (mantissa == x) assertion).  I didn't both
modifying test-signbit, since verifying literal negative 0.0 looks to be
the entire point of that assertion.

If you'd like, I could probably duplicate this system's software install
and make it available for remote development/debugging use on an
intermittent (on-demand) basis.

Jonathan C. Patschke
Manufacturing Software Support
Centaur Technology

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