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M4 1.4.12 on OS/2 [was: m4]

From: Eric Blake
Subject: M4 1.4.12 on OS/2 [was: m4]
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 19:37:26 -0600
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[adding bug-gnulib; and please consider using more descriptive subject lines]

According to Elbert Pol on 10/12/2008 3:33 AM:
> Hello,
> Tried today m4.1.4.12
> With os/2 and gcc 4.32
> And it failed @ the make
> Included the logs...

[no need to compress the logs if they are small enough - say 2-3 kbytes -
it just makes it that much harder to review]

Relevant portion of the logs:

I didn't see anything suspicious in config.log, at first glance.  In
make.out, I see:

gcc -std=gnu99  -D__EMX__ -DOS2  -D__ST_MT_ERRNO__ -O3 -mtune=pentium3
- -Zexe -Zomf -Zmap -Zargs-wild -Zbin-files -D__ST_MT_ERRNO__ -s -o m4.exe
m4.o builtin.o debug.o eval.o format.o freeze.o input.o macro.o output.o
path.o symtab.o ../lib/libm4.a   -lsigsegv
emxomf: Symbol multiply defined: _feof
emxomfld: a.out to omf conversion failed for '../lib/libm4.a'.
make.exe[2]: *** [m4.exe] Error 1

I have no idea what seems to be causing multiple instances of _feof.  The
only use of feof in the 1.4.12 tarball is in lib/unlocked-io.h (where feof
is redefined to feof_unlocked in your case), and in the gnulib testsuite
tests/test-fseeko (which you didn't even get to).  Perhaps you can use nm
to figure out which .o files are referring to feof (both those in the lib
directory, which got bundled into libm4.a, as well as those listed
explicitly in this link command from the src directory), in order to
figure out why it is causing multiple link definitions.

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