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m4 1.4.12 gnulib test failures on IRIX 6

From: Tom G. Christensen
Subject: m4 1.4.12 gnulib test failures on IRIX 6
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 17:46:49 +0100
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When I built m4 1.4.12 on IRIX 6 I noticed testfailures in the gnulib

On IRIX 6.5.30 with MIPSpro 7.4.4m compilers:
test-frexpl.c:124: assertion failed
/bin/sh[9]: 45037970 Abort(coredump)
FAIL: test-frexpl
test-vasprintf-posix.c:526: assertion failed
/bin/sh[9]: 45033521 Abort(coredump)
FAIL: test-vasprintf-posix

Similar failure appears on IRIX 6.2.

I already posted about this issue on bug-gnulib here:
however it seems to have been overlooked :(


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