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Re: gnu utilities for MVS and CMS

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: gnu utilities for MVS and CMS
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 13:43:06 +1100

[your port of the m4 package may be easier to discuss on the m4 lists]


Thanks for the porting efforts.  Unfortunately, while it is nice to see
your efforts and your links, I can state that at least for m4, it is not
worth uploading your binaries to the official FSF sites.  It is just too
much hassle for me to provide a pre-compiled binary for a target I can't
even test on, when it is much simpler for me to just provide only the
official source tarballs.  Fortunately, the GPL guarantees you the freedom
to continue making and publishing your ports on your site.

Ok, I didn't mean for you to provide a pre-compiled binary.
Actually at those links I provided, I don't provide one either.
The pre-compiled binary is only included as part of the
MVS/380 and VM/380 distributions.

However - I just wanted to make a note - MVS/380, VM/380
and Hercules/380 will allow you to test the product on either
Windows or Linux (and some other options too I think),
should you wish to do that.

Actually it's quite cool seeing whether your code works on
an EBCDIC and pure C89 environment or not.  :-)


This is an old version with known security flaws.  Can you try porting the
newer m4 1.4.12 release instead, which should still be compilable with
just a C89 compiler?  If you can't compile newer m4 on your environment
out of the box, but can make quick modifications to change that situation,
then those would be good candidates for upstream inclusion.

Ok, will try that out later.

BFN.  Paul.

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