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Re: Compiler error of m4-1.4.13 on AIX using xlc

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Compiler error of m4-1.4.13 on AIX using xlc
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 06:37:46 -0600
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According to Jens Rehsack on 5/4/2009 11:56 AM:
>>>> #include_next "///usr/vac/include/math.h" <-- wrong: must use /usr/include
>>> The problem was easy to fix for the current compilation, but I don't know
>>> how to fix the math.in.h - or if this would be the right file to fix etc.
>> Actually, the fix needs to come from gnulib.  This seems like another case
>> where we are guessing the wrong absolute header to use when installing a
>> replacement for <math.h>, but off-hand I'm not sure how best to fix it.
>> Maybe others on the list will have some ideas of additional things to look
>> for.
> Hmm - maybe a simple #include_next <math.h> could help, too.

I'm not sure what else to try at this point.  Does gnulib even recognize
that your compiler supports #include_next?  I'm not as familiar with the
include_next module as Bruno is, so I'm still hoping he may have some
advice for dealing with this issue.

> --- config.log ---
> [...]
> configure:6233: checking for math.h
> configure:6233: cc -c -q64 -qarch=ppc64 -O2 -qstrict -qcpluscmt -qmaxmem=-1
> -qkeyword=inline -I/opt/pkgsrc/include -ma  conftest.c >&5
> configure:6233: $? = 0
> configure:6233: result: yes
> [...]
> configure:16758: checking absolute name of <math.h>
> configure:16786: result: "///usr/vac/include/math.h"

That makes it seem like configure gave up on include_next, and went with
absolute-header instead; but indeed, that means that
/usr/vac/include/math.h's use of include_next will find our replacement
math.h instead of the intended system math.h.

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