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Re: document bugs

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: document bugs
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2019 09:09:27 -0600
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[I'm not sure why the original mail didn't seem to hit the list]

On 2/26/19 1:34 PM, HaimMelamed wrote:
> hello,
> after reading, maybe its better to change words like "while" with "wereas"
> or "despite of" or "in contrast of" ......
> because the confusion of known operational commands like "ifelse" or
> "forloop" or "while" or "until".
> best regards

Rather than a vague suggestion, it's easier to evaluate this if you can
propose an actual patch (showing both the before and after of a sentence
you find confusing without your rewording).

"despite of" and "in contrast of" are not idiomatic English; while I
don't mind helping you come up with grammar that matches a native
speaker's expectations, it's hard to do that without having an actual
sentence being changed, rather than just a couple of words from an
unspecified sentence.

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