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Potential bug with my --synclines

From: Laura Wills
Subject: Potential bug with my --synclines
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2019 19:47:50 +0000



I am running into an issue with m4 synclines. I have a list of m4 files which point to child m4 files. This reaches a hierarchy level of 12. When I write out a list of these m4 files and one at a time read them with m4 synclines I am able to read them without an issue. When I put this into a recursive loop at some point m4 synclines stops returning any value. The return code does show that an error is occurring, but I cannot determine what the issue is. I have tried the different –debug options, and have had no luck.


In the recursive function I am getting a list of all included m4 files at the current level, writing them to a file, and then closing that file. Once the file is closed, I recursively call the function on the new list of m4 files.  I am using perl `m4 –synclines $infile > $output`.


The version of m4 I am using is 1.4.13. I am running on RHEL6.


Is this a known issue?





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