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Re: m4 domain disappeared from TP

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: m4 domain disappeared from TP
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2021 13:51:14 +0100
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Op 06-03-2021 om 15:33 schreef Bruno Haible:
> since July 2020, support for producing
> internationalized releases of m4 has been added back. [3]

Okay.  I've downloaded the latest snapshot, ran ./bootstrap --skip-po,
ran ./configure and make dist, and looked at the resulting m4.pot file.

It has no resemblance to the m4-1.4o.pot file that we had at the TP:
almost all strings are different.  Also, in src/m4.c, lines 200-300,
there are many strings that are not gettextized.  Only the "Limits
control:" fragment is wrapped in a _() call, all the rest are not.
I haven't looked at the other files, but probably there are a bunch
of gettext calls missing there too.

Also, as all of the --help text has changed, it would be nice to take
the opportunity to split these texts into one option/header/paragraph
per gettext() call.  (I would provide a patch, but I think Eric will
complain that I don't do copyright assignment.)


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