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M4 assembler error on compile

From: Parzival Wolfram
Subject: M4 assembler error on compile
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2023 21:47:33 -0500
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I have run into an issue while compiling M4 1.4.19 for Solaris 7 (per GCC's configure, target is "i386-unknown-solaris2.7") using GCC 3.2 and Make 4.4. Configuring the source tree goes smoothly, but during the make step, the following error is generated (truncated to relevant lines):

make[3]: Entering directory `/staging/stage2/m4-1.4.19/lib`
  CC asyncsafe-spin.o
Assembler: asyncsafe-spin.c
         aline 310        : Illegal mnemonic
         aline 310        : syntax error
make[3]: *** [Makefile:2866: asyncsafe-spin.o] Error 1

I have found no other references to this "aline 310" error at all online, so I'm unsure what info is needed to diagnose, or if my build environment is even supported in this case, as the only packaged versions of most software for Solaris 7 is ancient.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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