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next-week documented but not implemented

From: Dale Mellor
Subject: next-week documented but not implemented
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2023 12:16:17 +0000
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>>  I've been transitioning to guix and was trying to setup some 
>>  automatic backup scripts at daily, weekly, and monthly 
>>  intervals. However, it seems while the documentation lists 
>>  'next-week' and 'next-week-from' as valid functions to specify the 
>>  job interval, it appears that they are not implemented. It would 
>>  be great to have such functions available. In the meantime 
>>  '(next-day '(1 8 15 22 29))' seems like it'll be sufficient for my 
>>  purposes.


>>  'next-week-from' and 'next-week' are documented in doc/mcron.texi,
>>  in (src mcron job-specifier) neither is implemented.

   Having given this some thought, I've come to the conclusion that
there are too many ambiguities to implement this function (what is
'next week': seven days from now, the start of the day seven days from
now, next Sunday, next Monday, ...?)  So I have removed the existing
references from the documentation, and added a section to the extended
examples chapter explaining how variants of weekly behaviour can be

Thanks for your interest in mcron!

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