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[Bug-mifluz] Earn a MINIMUM of $1000 per sale here.

From: Porfirio Lehman
Subject: [Bug-mifluz] Earn a MINIMUM of $1000 per sale here.
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 07:33:45 +0600

Let's be serious for a minute! For Dreams to come true you need the right vehicle and proper goals to make it all come together. How often are you presented with such a concept?

If you could realize even your wildest Dreams through work and training of other people, would that sound at all interesting to you? Or are you able to fulfill your dreams with what you do today?

Become Master of Your Own Business with GII-group. We take care of all the boring stuff surrounding the running of a Business, and let You cash daily money orders and cashiers checks! – the really fun and interesting Parts!

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