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Mrs. Margaret Sesay.

From: sesay sesay
Subject: Mrs. Margaret Sesay.
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 17:40:25 +0000


I understand that through Internet may not be the best way to communicate up with you considering the fact that we have never met each other before. However, I had earlier sent you a letter by post office over one month ago and i did not get any response from you. I am not sure if you eventually received my letter, so i decided to contact you through the this email again since it happens to be the best option that i have to reach again.

My name is Mrs. MARGARET FATIMA SESAY, i am from Sierra Leone, the rich Diamond district in Africa. My late husband used to be an inner caucus and a key officer during the past military regime of the former President of Sierra Leone, Major Johnny Koroma. I believe you should have heard all over the news then on BBC and CNN about the various violent coup attempts to over trow President Johnny Koroma by rival the rebel forces, which led to an outburst of the various civil war in Sierra Leone some years ago.

During that war, President Koroma depended heavily on foreign earnings that he generated from the booming Diamond trade and other financial contributions that he received from secret sponsors who supported his`regime to remain in power. All the money and diamonds were kept in President Johnny Korona's presidential villa, because our country's entire banking systems had collapsed as a result of the on going war. The opposition rebel forces were very strong and they resisted Koroma's troops, a lot of people were killed by the opposition forces. It became obvious that President Koroma's people were going to loose the war to the opposition forces, so Koroma and his key officers in his administration had to flee from Sierra Leone for the safety of their lives. It was case of survival of the fittest, so they shared everything they had remaining in their custody.

My husband had a huge amount in his possession, which he told me included his own share and some part for president Johnny Koromas'. Mr husband tried, but was unable to move that huge amount of money out of Sierra Leone then, because our entire banking systems were completely destroyed due to the on going war. Alternatively, he packaged all that money and hid it in a local storage place before we escape to South Africa where we are presently living as asylum seekers. My husband died of heart attack after several months on exile in south Africa while he was still making arrangements to shift the money out of Africa, and since then i have been left alone with my eldest son to take care of the rest of our entire family and extended family. After my husband died, I was calm and waited to get signals from Johnny Koroma, because my husband had confided in me that greater part of that money belong to Korma. I never got to meet with koroma again before died. I have contacted you because it is now time for me to move this money out of sierra Leone to a foreign country where my family can start utilizing this money, as i need to settle down with my family in a peaceful country overseas because we cannot go back to sierra Leone because of the constant conflicts and our tribes are still being hunted.

You do not need to bother much on your side, as I have already laid down every arrangements on my own for the successful and 100% safe movement of that money out of Sierra Leone, but I need to find a trusted person who will assist me receive it and make plans for safe keeping, banking and good investments. We have approximately - Thirty two million united states money - $32.7 mi lion USD, and i am willing to offer you some part of this money if you can cooperate and assist me. Please, I would also wish you kept this discussion highly secret between you and i alone to ensure that we attain 100% smooth successful movement of the money out of Africa and into your country. This money is our last hope to plan for the future of my children and other extended members of our family whose future are dependent on that money. I will give you more details when i hear from you. I await your response.


Mrs. Margaret Sesay.
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