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[Bug-wget] Unable to access blastwave

From: Rich Himpelmann
Subject: [Bug-wget] Unable to access blastwave
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 15:27:56 -0500


Result of uname -a:  SunOS alien 5.10 Generic_138889-02 i86pc i386 i86pc

My machine is an HP xw9300 with dual 2.4 GHz processors and 8 GB memory. I loaded Solaris 10 directly off the DVDs sent to my by Sun Microsystems. I have also installed Sun Studio 12 and NetBeans IDE 6.1 from the package of DVDs from Sun. Patches are up tp date. Everything works great except that I cannot play radio stations over the internet that only send an audio stream that works only with Microsoft Windows Media Player. Other streams work fine but the stations that I want to listen to are not streaming in other formats. I have a 10.3 SuSE Linux box that plays the Windows Media Player stream that uses mplayer plugins and the mplayer program. I would like to try to install mplayer on my Solaris machine, but here is the problem.

I can bring up firefox and go to http://www.blastwave.org and click on "HOWTO use Blastwave" to get the procedure. Here's what happens when I enter the command to do the very first step:

{root} alien:/sw/newdl pkgadd -d http://blastwave.network.com/csw/pkg_get.pkg

## Downloading...

pkgadd: ERROR: unable to establish a connection with <blastwave.network.com>.

pkgadd: ERROR: unable to download package datastream from <http://blastwave.network.com/csw/pkg_get.pkg>.

I also have a Sun SunBlade 1000 SPARC machine and I get the same result. I'd say that it must be a network problem but I do get to the Blastwave home page or anywhere else I want/need to goto without a problem. My network is supplied by WildBlue, a satelite connection using DHCP that is always on. It's adaquately fast enough and if every way seems to be working correctly. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Rich Himpelmann

5620 N. Ridgeway Rd.

Ringwood, IL  60072


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