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[Bug-wget] Re: WGET user forum?

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: [Bug-wget] Re: WGET user forum?
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 14:57:39 -0700
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Dalglish, Tom wrote:
> Hi Micah,
>             I am a happy user of wget and use it on a daily basis.  Is
> there a user group???? I’d be happy to direct my questions there.

Hi Dalglish,

There is in fact: address@hidden I've Cc'd the list there.
>             I use wget to mirror files from ftp sites. One of the
> problems is that – as a file is downloading – it appears in the local
> file directory as it is being written. As such, other applications can
> “see” “in flight” files. In my use case, after a file is mirrored, I
> need to load the file into a database. Since I do not know of a way to
> add a callback to wget (wget –callback-script=~/etc/loadFile.sh) one
> workaround would be to have a –tmpdir or –tmpfile option…… (or the
> callback one J)
>             Is there a way to tell wget to use a tmpfile name until it
> is downloaded on disk and then do a “mv” command to the “real” filename?
>  That way, I can hide the in flight files from being visible until they
> are fully downloaded.

There's no mechanism to support that currently. I suppose one could rig
a script to follow wget's log output, though, and detect when a file has
finished downloading, so it can take appropriate action on it.

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