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[Bug-wget] Options to retry if 503 and if 0-length content

From: E.L.K.
Subject: [Bug-wget] Options to retry if 503 and if 0-length content
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 16:58:34 +0300


Preambula: we have server in our local network, which is intended to share
some set of files wia http. There are a lot of files, and a lot of users,
so most of time server returns 503 http error, because it
overloaded. Sometimes, if server returns not 503 error, it sends
zero-lenght file (really don't know why, but this is not bug in wget, as
users, who try to do this with anohter downloaders, like FlashGet on
Windows or so on, report same problem), but this is invalid response, as
valid response from server is a rather big file. This is very convinient
for *nix users in our network to make wget retry downloading in theese
booth cases, 503 error and zero-lenght file returned.

Ambula: this is patch, which adds two options: --http-503-retry and
--http-zero-len-retry, which intended to do this. It should apply ok to
1.11 branch.

I'm not sure this will be useful for anyone but users of our network, or
that changes I made, done in right way, but i personally prefer to share
this patch.

Btw, i googled for "ignore 503 error with wget" and in results I found that
503 error is not fatal. Is there some special reason, why this is not
retry-case for wget?

Saturday, 16 of May, 2009, 16:38

ps. I'm not subscribed, so, please, CC me.

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