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[Bug-wget] Wget and IPv6 link local addresses

From: Fabian Hugelshofer
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wget and IPv6 link local addresses
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 12:18:02 +0100
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Hi all,

Wget 1.11.4 does not support IPv6 link local addresses. Addresses with a
zone identifier are being rejected with "Invalid IPv6 numeric address".

$ wget http://[fe80::1%25eth0]/
http://[fe80::1%25eth0]/: Invalid IPv6 numeric address.

"%25" is encoded for '%', the delimiter for the zone identifier.

Such an URL gets rejected by is_valid_ipv6_address() in host.c. This
function only accepts hex digits, ':' and '.' as valid charactes in an
IPv6 address. The zone delimeter and the zone identifier are regarded as

RFC 4007 sais:
An implementation SHOULD support at least numerical indices that are
non-negative decimal integers as <zone_id>.

Please consider extending Wget to support link local addresses as well.



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