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Re: [Bug-wget] download a list of files from Mainframe

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] download a list of files from Mainframe
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 10:24:27 -0700
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tomas basso wrote:
> Dears,
> I'm trying to download a list of files from a MVS system (mainframe) using
> datasets.
> I havent in any forums or documentation found news about my problem.
> I think that wget with ftp try to separate directory and subdirectories with
> a slash "/" and MVS have datasets separated by periods "."
> I need this solution because simple ftp on a shell script don't give a right
> response if a file has to be downloaded or not (the '$?' is always 0)
> and wget give to me a good track....
> if i try normally to connect to ftp i can reach on MVS my 'USER'
> folderr/dataset, then with a cd 'MY.PREFERRED.DIRECTORY' and with get
> {or alternatively with a direct  get 'MY.PREFERRED.DIRECTORY(MYFILE)' } i
> complete my efforts.
> With wget i reach my 'USER' folder/dataset, but wget try to found
> In which way can i solve this problem? is there a workaround about?
> May you suggest me a manteiner/specialist that work directly on this kind of
> systems (mainframes???)

What's wrong with something like ftp://HOST/MY.PREFERRED.DIRECTORY(MYFILE)?

... this is one of the things that bugs me about Wget's current FTP
operation; it doesn't follow the RFC. It ought to just perform a series
of CWDs, rather than trying to figure out the system type. Using %2f to
give the CWD command slashes, ought to take care of the more unusual
cases; the only question really is whether there are web sites that use
ftp URLs to broken server setups, that don't use the %2Fs properly.
That, and of course, as always, the potential to break backwards

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