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Re: [Bug-wget] Re: wget manpage question/suggestion

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Re: wget manpage question/suggestion
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 11:09:22 -0700
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Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Micah Cowan wrote:
>> As far as I'm concerned, the single biggest shortcoming of the current
>> manpage, is its lack of coverage for the wgetrc commands, particularly
>> those that lack command-line option counterparts.
> As a random passer-by, I'll point out that it is not uncommon (and IMO a
> good thing) to document such in 'wgetrc.1' rather than 'wget.1'
> (preferably with See Also note, of course).

In general, I agree with that; in specific, I'm on the fence a bit.

The reason that rc files tend to get a manpage to themselves, is that it
tends to be a very large bit of separate documentation. In the case of
wget, the vast majority of wgetrc options have command-line option
equivalents, and in fact the bulk of the wgetrc documentation in the
Texinfo docs currently just refer the reader to the equivalent
command-line option for the details. ~95% of the wgetrc options could be
documented, simply by noting the wgetrc command name along with the
already-present command-line option(s). The remaining commands are
things like http_proxy, and robots.

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