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RE: [Bug-wget] How to ensure data completeness/integrity for the file do

From: Tony Lewis
Subject: RE: [Bug-wget] How to ensure data completeness/integrity for the file downloaded using wget
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:32:12 -0700

Anamika Jindal wrote:

> Issue is , I can not automate this.

What you want (at least in part) is the session database, which is not yet

I took a stab at something of the sort when I needed to automate a script.
It is incomplete -- there is currently *no* support for FTP requests in my
code -- and it is unclear if this is the direction that the implementation
will take. See "wget-results.tgz" on this page:

Rodrigo S Wanderley is also taking a look at it. Check the email archives
from July 20 for his message.

> Now, my requirement is very simple. To ensure the data 
> completeness/integrity. Can somebody please suggest which options I should

> use or I can use?? My first preference is to compare checksum.

You need two things: the checksum from the server and a locally computed

It occurs to me as I read your message that wget could easily compute MD5 or
SHA-256 checksums as it downloads a file. I would also find this information
useful. It could go in wget verbose output and the SIDB.

However, even with the locally-generated checksum, you need the checksum
from the server and I have no idea how you would get that information.


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