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[Bug-wget] bug report

From: wizard
Subject: [Bug-wget] bug report
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 02:30:53 -0400
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There appears to be a bug in the way options are processed
in that it will not work in one order, but not another order.
This was in the windows package of 1.11.4 obtained from Christopher's

The gnuwin32.sourceforge binary dependencies package is not packaged
properly in that an ordinal is missing in the libeay32.dll.

Now, pay attention to the -l2 stanza below:

this does not work, when -l2 is the 7th parameter:

wget.exe -N -S -c -r -p -e -l2 --limit-rate=1m -Q3m robots=off 
-A.html,.htm,.php -Dexample.com -o d:log\1004.wget http://example.com/

but, if it is moved to the beginning, it will work.

wget.exe -l2 -N -S -c -r -p -e --limit-rate=1m -Q3m robots=off 
-A.html,.htm,.php -Dexample.com -o d:\log\1004.wget http://example.com/

The above is the complete command lines that were being used other
than the substitution of example.com

I did try it in the --limits=n alternative form, and it did
not work in position 7 either.

The manual does not state that the -l, --limit=, parameters
have any positional limitations. I just got working by trial
and error. I was using an earlier version and upgraded to 1.11.4
because I thought the parameter might have been new.

Best Regards,


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