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[Bug-wget] using the wgetrc file

From: Wayne Glover
Subject: [Bug-wget] using the wgetrc file
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 10:35:25 -0700
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I've just started using wget to help me syncronize some files on a server and local machines. So far all is going well. I understand how to do the commands i need from the command line, but i have a few issues i want to
    resolve:  (note:  i have read the GNU Wget 1.11.4 manual.  so if the
answer is in there, if someone could just point me to the right page, it
    would be appreciated)

1) when downloading the same file (as I would do when synching) by default
    it creates new version "myfile_1".  this makes sense, but i want to
    replace the local file with the file (with the same name) that is
downloaded. I need this to happen silently and automatically. Couldn't
    figure out how to do it.

2) I can't get it to pay attention to the 'wgetrc' file. All of the help I have seen for placing this file relates to unix. (e.g. from the sample
    wgetrc file:

    (## Wget initialization file can reside in /usr/local/etc/wgetrc
    ## (global, for all users) or $HOME/.wgetrc (for a single user).

    Looking further, i found one location that says to simply make sure the
wgetrc file is in the same location from where you run the wget file. i
    am using windows xp and i run wget from the command line.  i put the
    wgetrc in both the C:  and desktop locations.  I use the sample wgetrc
    file that I found with a few modifications

    So, where can i put this file.

3) once i put the file in the proper spot, how do i list the url i want it
    to visit?  in the above manual, i found:

    input = %0Cle
    Read the urls from string, like `-i file'.

    So I would put:
    input = http://www.mysite.com

is this correct? i haven't been able to test it yet becaue I can't get it
    to red the wgetrc file.

    well, thanks for your time.  If you can help me with these features, it
    will make wget even more useful for me.  thanks for your time


Wayne Glover

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