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[Bug-wget] a few questions on configuring the wgetrc

From: Wayne Glover
Subject: [Bug-wget] a few questions on configuring the wgetrc
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 22:35:42 -0700
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1) how to put the urls in the wgetrc file. i only have one and right now i use the external file (-i), but i'd rather have them in the wgetrc.

2) how to define where to save the downloaded file. i have the timestamping = on in the wgetrc file. so if i use the -O path/iwant/to file/ i get the warning that the -N and -O are exclusive (as the book says) i can also see the difference in the log because the system always downloads the file even if the server isn't newer. At one point i had this working, but i forget how.

This is my current wgetrc file

background = on
input = urllist.txt
input = urllist.txt
logfile = C:\Program Files\TechnicalMedia\Docent\Logs\Docentwgetlogs.txt
server_response = on
timestamping = oN
waitretry = 10

Thanks for any help

Wayne Glover

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