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[Bug-wget] Re: Bug in informed dowloaded time

From: Mariano Acciardi
Subject: [Bug-wget] Re: Bug in informed dowloaded time
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 12:54:42 -0300
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Thanks Matthew for your reply,

Are you using same version than me? Because the report is different.

When I investigate this issue was because real time in human perception to download is not the time wget report.

I'm using a very slow connection (mobile gprs) and download all wap page (16K) takes 12s in average, with wget and other programs included firefox.

I'm seeing all downloaded process, and real time to downloaded all files takes 10-15 seconds each time. Is sure that is not 1.4 second

I really think that this is an error, I tried several times and behavior is the same.


Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Mariano Acciardi wrote:
I'm using wget to make staticstics about downloaded time and I found this:

FINISHED --2009-08-12 12:06:38--
Downloaded: 7 files, 16K in 1.4s (11.3 KB/s)
Converting  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Converted 1 files in 0.001 seconds.

real    0m13.965s
user    0m0.024s
sys    0m0.004s

I use command time as  "time wget......" to check real time.
Look that real time elapsed, is 13 s and wget say "1.4s" and "11.3" as KB/s

It seems that 1.4 is the value of rate (16/11.3) and 11.3 is real time in
seconds elapsed to download all files of the page.

Or 11.3 is the value of the rate (16/1.4) and 1.4 is real time that it took to download the file... not counting how long it took for wget to start up, raise the server, and get the initial reply?

For fun, I tried:
$ time wget techbase.kde.org

It reported:
18,953 (54.9K/s in 0.3s)
real    0m1.563s

...and from what I can tell, both are correct; the /download/ completed in 0.3s, the entire run from <enter> to fresh command prompt took 1.5s.

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