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[Bug-wget] Re: Inclusion of libproxy as a dependency for wget

From: Dominique Leuenberger
Subject: [Bug-wget] Re: Inclusion of libproxy as a dependency for wget
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 19:09:38 +0000 (UTC)
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Matthew Woehlke writes:

> Please do keep it optional. Not only will some distros not have it, 
> there are more OS's in the world than just Linux. I have wget built on 
> 13 platforms, only two of which are Linux (and none of which are Cygwin 
> or mingw, which are also platforms on which wget should stay buildable), 
> and for my usage (lab machines) even requiring libproxy on Linux is not 
> desired.
> That said, for desktop distros, this sounds like a neat idea.

Absolutely no discussion about the fact to have libproxy as an optional
component only.

I'll send my first patch version out these days for review. I'm sure there will
be some comments to follow up on.

The implementation so far is:
Configure supports --disable-libproxy and --enable-libproxy[={yes|no|auto}]
Default behavior for configure is to autodetect libproxy and use it if found.

The proxy settings are first read from .wgetrc if available; only if not
specifically configured for wget the request is handed over to libproxy.

The same counts for --no-proxy parameter: if specified, libproxy is not called
and direct connection is initiated.

I introduced no new dependency on pkg-config, as it's not used so far and it
would be impossible to 'autodetect' libproxy properly (configure would abort if
pkg-config can't be found. The check could only be avoided if --enable-libproxy
or --disable-libproxy would be required to be passed to configure; thus no

IF you have already any comments on the implementation specification above,
please let me know. I'll be eager to fix any outstandings as quick as possible.

Best regards,

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