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[Bug-wget] retry if rate drops below some threshold

From: larytet
Subject: [Bug-wget] retry if rate drops below some threshold
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 05:57:36 -0800 (PST)

It looks that my ISP started to traffic shape the connection. It works like 
 - Using --limit-rate I specify maximum upload speed 75K (from 95K available). 
This is the only application accessing Internet. 
 - For approximately 10 minutes the wget works just fine and pulls at 75K/s. 
After that the rate drops to 30K/s. The drop is fast, looks like lights went 
off. I did not check in the sniffer what is going on, but I suspect that I will 
see dropped packets and TCP retransmissions.
 - If I restart wget for the same file it returns to download at 70K/s for 10 
minutes more. 

This is not an issue with the server. I tried very fast servers including 
pulling Eclipse from Amazon cloud, rapidshare etc. The servers which usually 
saturated my downstream. 

I am looking for two possible approaches to the problem
- Is there a patch which allows to force retry if the rate drops below some 
preset limit ? Any tips how such patch could be implemented (i probably could 
the work) ?
- Replace ISP (so far I can not make them to fix the issue)

Thank you, Arkady


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