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[Bug-wget] New and willing to help with wget

From: Jeff Stiff
Subject: [Bug-wget] New and willing to help with wget
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 11:56:38 +1000

G'Day Group,

I have seen on savannah that you are looking for developers to help with wget.

I am a C developer and am willing to help.  I have already got
mainline compiled and installed.  I have had a look at the bug tracker
and will look at the simpler issues to get started.  I might start
with Documentation if needed first, just to ease into wget.

I have also read through the support material on

I have been using wget for years, and am glad that I now may get a
chance to give back to this great application.

I'm on a GNU/Linux system, mostly Gentoo, but also run Ubuntu Lucid.
I have joined #wget, and am known as Jeff999.

Jeff (Jeff999)

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