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Re: [Bug-wget] download that require login/password form submit

From: Keisial
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] download that require login/password form submit
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 17:14:48 +0200
User-agent: Thunderbird

Voytek Eymont wrote:
> Micah,
> thanks !!!!!!
> I'm loging in OK.
> on next step I do like:
> wget --load-cookies=my-cookies.txt --save-cookies=my-cookies.txt
> --keep-session-cookies
> http://www.domain.tld/main.htm?_template=advanced&_module=active_list
> that fails until I put "" around the http string like so:
> wget --load-cookies=my-cookies.txt --save-cookies=my-cookies.txt
> --keep-session-cookies
> "http://www.domain.tld/main.htm?_template=advanced&_module=active_list";
> or should I use some '%' characters ? for & ? or just " " around https
> string ?

Just surround it with double " " or single ' ' quotes.
If & is not quoted your shell thinks you want to execute a program called
wget and then assign active_list to a shell variable called _module (if
wasn't a = it would try to run a program called _module, which would give
you an error message you could notice)

> next question: the resulting file has lots and lots of bumpf like
> space.gif galore, etc,
> how do I make into text as much as possible, is there a wget function, or ?
Remove anything between < and >, then unescape the entities. That should
give you quite clean text with a minimal effort.

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