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[Bug-wget] option --no-directories

From: Raymundo Dionicio Flores Siordia
Subject: [Bug-wget] option --no-directories
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 07:12:38 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, New wget team:
and congratulations.

>From the manual:
    Do not create a hierarchy of directories when retrieving recursively. With 
this option turned on, all files will get saved to the current directory, 
without clobbering (if a name shows up more than once, the file-names will get 
extensions ‘.n’).

This behavior (diferentiating with Extensions)
 has no problem for the power user
 as he can use awk, perl or another scripting language
 to mass rename the downloads to its original extensions.

Why the need to keep the original extensions?
 On passing the downloads to windows users the extensions
 will change or confuse the default opening applications.

An inclusive proposal could be to give
 the choice to differentiate files not only with extensions
 but with prefixes too.

So, for the actual user we have as always:
 SameFileName.1 SameFileName.2 SameFileName.3 etc...

For users giving support to other operating sistem users
we have another new choice:
 1.SameFileName 2.SameFileName 3.SameFileName etc...


Raymundo Flores

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