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[Bug-wget] modifying wget?

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: [Bug-wget] modifying wget?
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 17:14:56 -0700
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If we wanted to modify wget and check back in changes 
what type of overhead is there in dealing with that process if the package is
in the gnu system?

I can see the necessity for a gate-keeper to keep junk out of wget, but that
operation -- including code review, build testing, etc. is something more more
knowable than the processes of dealing with a gnu project.  They may be the
same, but I dont' know, as there is a resume process for doing work on a gnu
process that looks off-putting for casual changes...

Not that it's be a casual change necessarily, but it'd be a neat feature as sit
here for a per-session bandwidth capped download, to be able to break up
a large download in to "N" chunks and have wget automatically determine
the sizes and download the chunks in parallel (which in my would multiple
bandwidth by # chunks :-).  

I've always wondered why the megaupload manager had that feature
builtin to it -- but I can't imagine they would cap it on their end, but maybe
some customers are capped per stream?  Dunno...  Not something I've
ever used. 

But it could be an interesting side project ...  if I made the time...:-)

Linda Walsh

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