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[Bug-wget] wget didn't download a link

From: Islon Scherer
Subject: [Bug-wget] wget didn't download a link
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 15:48:46 -0300
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I'm using wget to download recursively (one level only) a site and for some reason it didn't download some links that
the main page points to. The command I'm using is:

<http://www.telebrasil.org.br/>wget -x --ignore-case -E -r -l1 -R js,jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,mp3,css,pdf,doc,xls,ppt,ico,gz,zip,rar,swf,fla http://www.telebrasil.org.br/

I couldn't find why it didn't downloaded the http://www.telebrasil.org.br/faleconosco/index.asp?m=faleconosco.htm link which is inside the index (http://www.telebrasil.org.br/) html.
The link is inside a table:
/<a href="http://www.telebrasil.org.br/faleconosco/index.asp?m=faleconosco.htm"; onmouseout="tidyMenu(event);" onmouseover="openMenu(event, 'menutb_b8',2,4092854,16777215);setGraphic(event, '/menuu/menutb_b8_over.gif');return false;"><img src="http://www.telebrasil.org.br/menuu/menutb_b8.gif"; border="0" height="29" width="95"></a>/

I looked inside robots.txt and this link/subdir is not disallowed, it's not inside an iframe too.
Any ideas why wget didn't downloaded this link?


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