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[Bug-wget] Wget skips converting links to relative if they contain space

From: David
Subject: [Bug-wget] Wget skips converting links to relative if they contain spaces
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 10:23:23 +1000

Hi all,

I'm having issues with Wget 1.12 (on Ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit) and Wget
skipping converting links with spaces in them.  Wget downloads the
linked files fine if they have spaces in the filenames, but skips
converting the link to relative when the --convert-links (-k) option
is enabled.  All other similar links work fine; the only difference I
can see is the presence of the space character.

Running wget like: wget -p -np -k --debug
http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/ produces this snippet of relevant
information about the skipped conversion:

> 2010-08-12 09:59:21 (65.7 MB/s) - `mysite.org.au/sponsors/Sponsor Logo 
> 1.jpg/image_mini' saved [11821/11821]
> [snip]
> mysite.org.au/sponsors/index.html: merge(`http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/', 
> `http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/Sponsor Logo 1.jpg/image_mini') -> 
> http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/Sponsor Logo 1.jpg/image_mini
> appending `http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/Sponsor Logo 1.jpg/image_mini' to 
> urlpos.
> [snip]
> will convert url http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/Sponsor Logo 1.jpg/image_mini 
> to complete
> [snip]
> Skipping http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/Sponsor Logo 1.jpg/image_mini at 
> position 15797.
> TO_RELATIVE: http://mysite.org.au/sponsors/AnotherSponsor.JPG/image_mini to 
> AnotherSponsor.JPG/image_mini at position 16154 in 
> mysite.org.au/sponsors/index.html.
> [snip]

As you can see, the "Sponsor Logo 1.jpg" file is downloaded fine, but
gets skipped when links are converted.  All other files without spaces
are converted to relative correctly, and the last line shows one

Any way of debugging this further?  I've tried every different
"--restrict-file-names=modes" option but this appears to only affect
the actual characters in the link, not whether the link becomes

Thanks in advance,

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