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[Bug-wget] HTTP URL syntax question

From: Smith, Peter M. (GSFC-6102)
Subject: [Bug-wget] HTTP URL syntax question
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 16:11:24 -0600


I am using wget to download some science data files. I am using the option of 
having a text file contain the list of the URLs.

The URL contains a filename but also parameter and geographic region 
information.  When I perform the download operation the filename constructed 
for the output file contains this extra information as part of the output 
filename.  On my MS Windows XP system the download step fails. On my linux 
system the job completes correctly but the output filenames, as noted above, 
contain the sub-setting information.

My text file (file1) of URLs contains lines such as...


I am running wget from the command terminal window

wget -i file1

I can override the output filename by ..
wget -i file1 -o file-output

but this is only workable for a text file containing one URL

Is there a way of overriding the output file name and still use a file 
containing multiple URLs other than writing a perl script to process each line 
of the text file.

Perhaps --content-disposition and use the header file CGI option to set the 
output file names?

Thank you
Peter M. Smith

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