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[Bug-wget] HTTPS download

From: Johnny
Subject: [Bug-wget] HTTPS download
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 11:05:20 +0000
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I have a https-connection that requires username and password to
login. After this you get another password verification to eventually
log-in to the content. 

The content is a filedirectory to browse for pdf files where the
leaf-nodes contain the desired files. I would like to use wget to
connect to and download this content but have not succeeded.

To be clear, the site is compsed with frames to mimic an M$ explorer
|Filetree  |Content   |
|Structure |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|          |          |

I tried some permutations of
wget -r -N -nd -w 1 --user-agent "Mozilla/5.0 (rv: Gecko/20100803 
Foo/3.6.8" --random-wait -A pdf address@hidden --http-password=secretpassword 
--no-check-certificate https://infantile/page/with/content/hidden/in/leaf/nodes

Going to the same page manually (one of the nodes) and viewing the
source I guess it is Javascript generated as it contains:
<script language="JavaScript" ...

The content is found (I assume) in strings like: 
 title="InteredtingFile.pdf" class="UIBox_Favorites_Link">

Can I make wget do this for me? Any help greatly appreciated!


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