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[Bug-wget] downloaded .jpg file will not open

From: Eric Davelaar
Subject: [Bug-wget] downloaded .jpg file will not open
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 07:43:47 -0400

I have been using the command: 'wget -r -N
http://static.die.net/earth/mercator/1600.jpg' to change the background
on my computers hourly but for the last couple of weeks the downloaded
file does not display. When trying to open the file directly I get the
following error:
        Could not load image '1600.jpg'
        Error interpreting JPEG image file (Not a JPEG file: starts with
0x47 0x49)

I had assumed there was a problem with the server or the source file
until I visited the site a few minutes ago and saved the image directly
from my browser;  I am able to open that one. The file sizes appear to
be the same.

I am attaching both files; 1600-ok.jpg is the one I can open.
I am using Ubuntu 10.10

Any suggestions?

Eric Davelaar    
Kas di Paloma 42
Simeon Antonio, Aruba
Dutch Caribbean

Attachment: 1600.jpg
Description: JPEG image

Attachment: 1600-ok.jpg
Description: JPEG image

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