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[Bug-wget] savannah down, cant submit bug report

From: P van Kemenade
Subject: [Bug-wget] savannah down, cant submit bug report
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 15:23:52 +0100
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savannah.gnu.org is down from here, and I can't submit the
bug report below. if anyone is interested, please do it
for me; i'm off to find another solution.

category: program logic
> operating system: gnu/linux release : 1.11.4
reproducability: every time
> summary: the -k and -K options do not
           prevent clobbering (contrary to whats in the man page)

The man page at http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/manual/wget.html
reads, about the -E (adjust extension) option
"Note that filenames
changed in this way will be re-downloaded every time you re-mirror a
site, because Wget can't tell that the local X.html file corresponds
to remote URL ‘X’ (...) To prevent this re-downloading, you must use
‘-k’ and ‘-K’ so that the original version of the file will be saved
as X.orig (see Recursive Retrieval Options)."

This is not true in wget 1.10 and wget 1.11, and I've been told on
IRC this is probably not so in 1.12. In effect, you can not rewrite links on
an archive already wgetted without wgetting it again (if file renaming
> was used). Someone on irc
mentioned "perhaps the manual expresses an intention that was never

When this command
wget -d -r -k -K -E --restrict-file-names=windows
--no-clobber  -l inf  -Q 1m -H  -D www.gnu.org http://www.gnu.org

is run twice, all the html files that are to be renamed are retrieved
again the second time (but not the page requisites). --no-clobber
only has effects on page requisites and pages with extension html,
not on html without the correct extension (probably because of the
rewriting -E switch), and clobbering apparently ignores the .orig
> files


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