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[Bug-wget] some memory leaks in wget-1.12 release source

From: Zhenbo Xu
Subject: [Bug-wget] some memory leaks in wget-1.12 release source
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 16:47:13 +0800

I found some memory leaks in wget-1.12 source codes.The following lists
the bugs:

bug 1:
Location: line 456
In function ftp_parse_winnt_ls, 
while ((line =read_whole_line(fp)) != NULL) {
        len = clean_line(line)
        if (len < 40)continue;  //Leak occured here, "line" is not released.

bug 2:
File : ftp.c
Location:       line 304
in function getftp(), 

getftp(...) {
    if (con->proxy) {
        logname = concat_strings(...);   //line 295, allocated a heap
region to logname
csock = connect_to_host (host, port);
if (csock == E_HOST)
        return HOSTERR;      //return without free(logname)

I'm glad to get your replies if these are the real bugs .

Best Wishes!


 from Zhenbo Xu

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