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[Bug-wget] Android, busybox and wget

From: Voytek Eymont
Subject: [Bug-wget] Android, busybox and wget
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 14:17:44 +1100
User-agent: SquirrelMail/1.5.2 [SVN]


I have a basic wget script like below, now that I got an android phone I
was curious if i can run this on the phone directly, but busybox wget
doesn't seem to know cookies.

is there any (reasonable simple?) workaround ?  many thanks

$ busybox wget --post-data='username=xxx&password=yyy&_action_login=L
--save-cookies=my-cookies --k
eep-session-cookies http://tld.com.au/main.htm

wget: unrecognized option '--save-cookies=my-cookies'
BusyBox v1.14.3 (2009-08-18 21:48:57 CDT) multi-call binary

Usage: wget [-c|--continue] [-s|--spider] [-q|--quiet]
[-O|--output-document fil
        [--header 'header: value'] [-Y|--proxy on/off] [-P DIR]
        [-U|--user-agent agent] url
Retrieve files via HTTP or FTP
        -s      Spider mode - only check file existence
        -c      Continue retrieval of aborted transfer
        -q      Quiet
        -P      Set directory prefix to DIR
        -O      Save to filename ('-' for stdout)
        -U      Adjust 'User-Agent' field
        -Y      Use proxy ('on' or 'off')


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