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Re: [Bug-wget] Unable to mirror site with %code links wit wget 1.11.4

From: Fernando Cassia
Subject: Re: [Bug-wget] Unable to mirror site with %code links wit wget 1.11.4
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 17:45:50 -0300

2011/5/5 Ángel González <address@hidden>

> It works for me here (Wget/1.12), without need to fake the user-agent,
> add cookies or referer, as far as I don't add -c in which case it seems
> to get stuck in a continuing loop.
> (wget asks for bytes 576 to end, server replies with byte 575 out of 576)

Thanks Angel.

It seems that web server is more like a PHP script that builds the fancy
view. I´ve managed to start the mirroring process by clicking on the very
small "file list" link on the lower-right corner, and saving that (which
contains full download URLs or each file, recursively), then calling wget -i

Thanks again.

"Tools are a way to amplify our senses so that we can expand our reach in
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J. Rifkin

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