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[Bug-wget] Problem mirroring site with two domain names

From: Chris Dorsey
Subject: [Bug-wget] Problem mirroring site with two domain names
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 10:30:50 +1200

I am trying to mirror a web site that has two domain names, let's call them 
www.abc.com and www.abcdef.com. Both URLs get to the same site. If I browse the 
site in IE I can see some hyperlinks point to http://www.abc.com/... and some 
point to http://www.abcdef.com.

I am using this command line:

wget.exe -r -l inf -w 10 --random-wait -E -k -K -N -H -D abcdef.com,abc.com -o 
wgetlog.txt http://abc.com/

What I get is two directories named www.abc.com/ and www.abcdef.com/ with 
almost identical contents. The content has effectively been downloaded twice.

What I want to do is make a single mirror copy of www.abc.com, with all the 
references to www.abcdef.com treated as references to www.abc.com when the 
links are converted in the local copy (-k).

Any ideas?

Chris Dorsey
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